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STARS VETS, our Vehicle Emission Test System, offers excellent usability, flexibility and transparency.

Excellent usability:

  • Optimal staff deployment and low training costs and time
  • Lower operational error rate
  • Autonomous troubleshooting by users
  • Reduction of users‘ frustration, increase of users‘ motivation,
  • Higher sense of achievement, boost of personal productivity


  • Test procedures editor and configurable workflow
  • Maximum flexibility for future requirements in hybrid electric vehicle and RDE testing
  • Higher net utilization due to centralized test preparation
  • Security of investment due to low update costs


  • Interactive proof of regulatory compliance
  • Securing operation uptime in line with higher capacity utilization
  • Time savings due to fast error identification
  • Avoidance of error propagation (system errors, measurement errors, localization of faults)
  • No expert operator required – smooth job handover when staff changes





Graphical User Interface:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn
  • User-oriented application framework with a modern look
  • Optimized user environment

New Integrated Editors:

  • Creation of individual test procedures
  • Test procedures can be edited and visualized  to:

    • set driver message
    • start/stop sampling
    • set digital output
    • pulse digital output

Plug & Play Device Drivers:

  • Easy expandability
  • Dynamometer controllers
  • Standard and non-standard emission equipment
  • Third-party emission equipment
  • Exhaust-flow measurement equipment
  • Process I/O systems and modules

Driver’s Aid:

  • A configurable test cell resource
  • Interface to any dynamometer, with support for analog or frequency-based speed feedback signals
  • Display chart-based target and actual speed Acquire data from an optional weather station
  • Select signals to display and customize their appearance as alphanumeric text or as dial gauges

Analysis Inspector:

  • Comprehensive support for advanced test result analysis
  • View and maintain analysis confi guration
  • Verify and debug analysis configuration using test data
  • Inspect and verify analysis execution
  • results (generated by the execution of an analysis confi guration)

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Compliant with the latest legislations 1066 and WLTP
  • UNECE: Regulation No. 83, No. 101, WLTP GTR 15
  • USA: 40 CFR Part 86, 600 and 1066
  • Europe: Commission Regulation (EC) No. 692/2008
  • Japan: TRIAS 60-4, TRIAS 5-9
  • Future regulations

 Anaysis Auditor:

  • Generation of complete test reports
  • Produce formatted reports of all inputs, calculation steps, and outputs from completed tests
  • Generated report can be distributed and opened in any web browser without STARS VETS running 

Stars Plattform:

  • On the market for over 10 years with more than 1000 automation installations worldwide
  • Rich experience gained from predecessor systems, e.g. legacy VETS systems, X-ONE, and ADACS
  • Sustainable software architecture
  • High system stability, real-time capability
  • Security of investment due to reliability







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