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We help vehicle manufacturers achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction (durability, driving characteristic and NVH), transmission and component suppliers must continue to improve existing transmissions, as well as to develop new powertrains without the aid of an existing engine.

Valuable development time

Using a fully automated wheeled vehicle transmission test system the customer can save valuable development time. The all wheel drive test system pictured above is used to test and develop AWD transmissions ( AT, AMT, MT , CVT and driveline). In different configurations the system is able to do performance tests, function tests and endurance / durability tests. Wheeled vehicles can be tested in steady state and road load simulation up to a high performance engine map simulation for transmission tests. The customer uses the performance tests to check the specimen in terms of the specified technical data. With these tests the specified torque and speed values for each gear are tested to make sure that the gearbox meets all requirements.

Engineered to be the best

The HORIBA driveline test systems solution contains four components, a highly transient AC dynamometer, DYNAS3, an easy to use flexible positioning support base and an open interface real-time controller, SPARC®, together with the world class automation system STARS®. All components are engineered to the best driveline test systems available.



Examples for possible Applications

  • Functional test
  • Shifting test of automatic transmissions
  • Performance tests
  • Endurance / durability tests
  • Verify specifications
  • Steady state
  • Road load simulation
  • High performance engine map simulation for transmission tests

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