Driveline Testing - Rear Wheel Drive

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The standard rear wheel driveline test systems is equipped with modular units which are configured in accordance to the individual testing task of our customers.

A huge number of additional modules are available to configure the optimal solution for your testing need. We use mounting plates with pneumatic isolators and level adjustment as well as engine, transmission, rear axle support or engine mounting equipment.


Rear Axle Support for safety testing

For installation of the rear axle on the test stand additional equipment is available to support the adjustable height and adapter plate to fix the rear axle.

High Power and Perfect Simulation

The HORIBA driveline test systems in which a low inertia input DYNAS3 LI/ULI is used to simulate vehicle engine torque, speed and inertia and an output loading Dynas3 G is used to simulate the load that a transmission experiences in a vehicle. With the overall automation of STARS®, , the environmental simulation provides control of ambient conditions and transmission cooling.The systems are able to check the transmission control, engine power, driveline, gross vehicle weight, vehicle acceleration, aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance, road courses, transmission mounting attitude, transmission thermal environment and vehicle heat rejection.The HORIBA ATS driveline test cell enables transmission development to move from the road to the lab while incorporating math modeling.


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