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HDEET is a optional package that provides a turn-key solution for Heavy-Duty Engine Emissions Test, built on the STARS Automation System. The HDEET suite includes:

  • Automated Tests
  • Engine Data Entry
  • Interactive Graphical Displays (Real -time Data and User Interaction)
  • Transient Cycle Generation Tool
  • Data Analysis and Reports
  • Automated Emissions System Control
  • Control of all instrumentation


HDEET includes integrated support for all the instrumentation required to run the cycles. This includes all emissions equipment ranging from control of the CVS/DLT, gaseous analyser benches, bag sampling units, particulate sampling units and opacity and smoke meters. By building on the STARS platform, HDEET can take advantage of the powerful standard interface feature, that allows the HDEET tests to be run on a number of different configurations of test stand with no test changes. This gives you the flexibilty to completely control your heavy duty testing program - even allowing you to resume a test program on a new test stand with no changes.

Data Analysis and reporting is a crucial element to emissions testing. HDEET comes with all of the analysis required to cater for raw or dilute emissions systems and is written in strict accordance with the legislative standards. The data handling, data analysis and reporting is triggerd automatically in HDEET using STARS workflows. This means that the operator does not need to be an emissions expert in order to correclty run, analyse and report on a heavy duty test.

As standard reports include:

  • Key specimen data
  • CVS and DLT flow data
  • Emissions concentration data. Exhaust and ambient
  • Corrected mass and specific mass emissions
  • Cycle data and graph
  • Results annotations

All of this allows you to focus on the results and not the method

One of the most powerful features of HDEET is the ability for you to modify and adjust details of the tests using the standard STARS tools. This can be controlled using STARS access rights so that only the right people make the changes. This ability allows you the flexibiltiy to adapt HDEET to your testing methodology and procedures rather than it dictating to you.

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Legislation Covered:

  • European Community (EC) regulation 1999/96/EC:

    • European steady state cycle (ESC)
    • European transient cycle (ETC)
    • European load response test (ELR)

  • European Community (EC) regulation 88/77/EEC and UNECE R4913 mode emissions test.
  • European Community (EC) regulation 72/306/EC and UNECE R24 smoke test.
  • US Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), Volume 40, Part 86. (On highway)

    • Subpart N transient cycle
    • Subpart N Supplemental Emissions Test
    • Subpart I smoke test

  • US Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), Volume 40, Part 89. (Off highway)

    • Modal Test

  • Japanese Trias regulations

    • 13 mode test
    • JE05/ED12 transient cycle

  • Non Road Transient Cycle (NRTC):

    • US Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), 40, Part 1065 ( Non-Road )
    • European Parliament Directive 2004/26/EC

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