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Dynas3 Machines are specially suited for use in engine test stands. The AC machine, variable frequency drive with test stand controller and safety module are tuned to one another to form a system that has proven itself many times over. It can be used in any type of development and function test stand. The applications range from simple test stands for steady state operation up to sophisticated test stands for dynamic test cycles. Nearly every application in the field of engine testing can be performed on a test stand with DYNAS3. Legislative test cycles such as the MVEG Test or FTP 75 can be simulated. Additionally, with SPARC RLS a road load simulation including driver and vehicle simulation is possible.



  • Universal use for all tasks in the steady-state, transient and dynamic testing range
  • Development and testing of combustion engines and assemblies
  • DYNAS3 LI represents the "Low Inertia" series with high speed gradients, specially suitable for highly dynamic testing of gasoline engines
  • DYNAS3 HT "High Torque" qualifies as a universal machine with high nominal torque for testing gasoline and Diesel engines
  • DYNAS3 HD especially designed for heavy duty applications like high power commercial diesel engines


  • Extremely compact motor design with radial fan
  • High torque measuring accuracy (0.1% of f.s. optionally 0,05% of f.s.)
  • Highly responsive torque control (< 3ms)
  • High acceleration rate because of low inertia
  • Design for attachment of large masses simplifies drive shaft design
  • Sturdy and extremely compact AC machine
  • Integral power filter for problem free operation on mains supply
  • Maintenance-free hybrid bearings



Fabriqué par HORIBA

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