Model Scale 6 Component External Wind Tunnel Balance

Vue d'ensemble

The HORIBA Wind Tunnel Balance system can also be used for other test objects such as aircraft models, ship models, motor bikes and others.










  • Use in research and development
  • Vehicle model measurement
  • Ship model measurement
  • Building model measurement
  • Further measuring objects
  • Direct measurement of all forces and moments without lever systems
  • Modular system with a variety of options


  • Yaw angle adjustment via precision bearing. Adjustment is with the use of a controlled servo motor equipped with angle encoder.
  • Angle of attack adjustment via central strut. Adjustment is with the use of a servo motor equipped with angle encoder.
  • Balance calibration for additional reference points
  • Special measuring ranges for individual customer requirements
  • Foundation spacer for adjustment of balance to local situation
  • Moveable and height-adjustable foundation spacer for removal of balance from test section
  • Ethernet interface to host computer
  • Impact pressure acquisition
  • Special requests and solutions 

Fabriqué par HORIBA