MCU Multiplexer

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The MCU Multiplexer is a client/server application that manages simultaneous access of several Test Automation Systems (TAS) and a MCU (MEXA Main Control Unit). To avoid competing commands, only one TAS system is allowed to send setting/writing commands. Any other linked TAS systems are only allowed to use querying commands.


This communication is controlled by the server component (MCU Multiplexer Server) of the application. The client component of the application is operated with a Web-based user interface in a common Internet browser.

Additionally, the user interface of the MCU Multiplexer Client is used to send simple com­mands to the MCU Multiplexer Server affecting its state. For example, any connection a TAS system has established with the MCU Multiplexer Server can be disconnected via this user interface. This is particularly helpful, if the MCU has to complete another task, but the previously used TAS system has not released it correctly.

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