Full-fledged Launch of Group’s Biotechnology Business To Contribute to Nature Conservation and Safe Eating Habits

27 juin 2003

HORIBA Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (head office: Kyoto, Japan; President: Katsuhiko Tomita), a subsidiary wholly owned by HORIBA, Ltd. (head office: Kyoto; President: Atsushi Horiba) that plays a central role in the group’s biotechnology business, has recently developed a “Reagent Kit and Portable Measurement Apparatus”, which will enable people in the fields of environment and food to make quick and easy measurement of residual pesticides on site. Trial samples of the product will be lent to nationwide public testing bodies such as National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations and Japan Agricultural Cooperatives from the end of this month.

Based on the technology for methods of immunochemistry measurement fostered since the establishment of this university-initiated venture business, this apparatus reduces analysis costs to one tenth, and measuring time to one fiftieth in comparison with conventional instrumental analysis methods. HORIBA Biotechnology intends to use this achievement as a toehold and with the group’s concerted efforts continue to make the most of technology developed through industry-academic collaboration to fully engage in the biotechnology business and lead to security and safety in the living environment.