Marketing Debut for Two Types of "Tsuichaumon"

10 mai 2001

Horiba has commenced marketing two types of "Tsuichaumon," a new remote control switch with a person-sensing system that automatically turns on a light when a person accesses a room door. With a timer-controlled function, "Tsuichaumon" is easy to use and friendly to the environment.

·"Tsuichaumon" for switch plate (IS-300):
By replacing a wall switch plate with "Tsuichaumon," the light is operated automatically. Since the automatic lighting system is incorporated in the switch plate, even built-in lighting apparatus and those directly attached to the ceiling can be converted into automatic lighting systems.

·Timer-controlled light-off function:
Automatically turns off after a certain duration of motion-sensor inactivity,settable at 10 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute, five minutes, 30 minutes and one hour.
·Auto turn-off function:
With this device, the light turns off 10 seconds after the "off" button is pushed. This is convenient when going to sleep.

<"Tsuichaumon" Features>
·Turns on automatically when you enter the room.
·If the light is left on, the device will automatically turn it off.
·The motion sensor is activated only when it is dark.
·The light is also operable manually.
"Tsuichaumon" precisely meets your lighting needs.

AC100V 50/60Hz
For the customers in JAPAN only