As semiconductor devices get faster and levels of integration increase, higher precision is required in device construction, and there are now a larger variety of liquid sources used in the semiconductor, FPD and PV manufacturing processes.
HORIBASTEC is the clear world leader in this area offering a full line up liquid flow control and liquid source vaporization and control systems. Different vaporizing methodologies are available for the different precursors , these include baking, direct injection and mixing to guarantee efficient and stable delivery of vapor to the point of use. Auto refill systems complete the line-up offering uninterrupted, safe and reliable delivery of liquid precursors increasing uptime and reducing operator handling and risk of process contamination.

Digital Liquid Mass Flow Meters/Controllers LF-F/LV-F series

High precision liquid mass flow controller using the sensor with a unique cooling method. Can control from micro-liter to ultra low flow rate.

Mixed Injection System Liquid Vaporizer MI-1000/MV-1000 Series

Vaporize liquid source stably by the gas-liquid mixture vaporization method. Can be used for low temperature and large flow production.

Direct Injection System VC Series

The compact vaporization system does not require carrier gas, it can be used with either a liquid or gas flow meter, allowing for easy integration for direct liquid injection.

Compact Baking System LSC Series

Best-selling, compact baking system suitable for a range of liquid source delivery applications. Easy maintenance.

Liquid Auto Refill System LU Series

Automatic liquid refill system delivers chemicals directly to baking or direct liquid injection systems. Safe, efficient, and continuous supply of liquid sources.