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Endpoint controller for plasma etch cluster tools: Simultaneous Real Time Multi-Chamber - Multi diagnosis monitor


The SpectrAcq2 is not just another readout system - it's a compact, high speed, high performance spectral data acquisition controller designed for advanced spectroscopy and light measurement applications.

Dissolved Ozone Monitor OZ-96

This dissolved ozone concentration monitor is able to cover a broad measuring range from low concentrations to high concentrations.


Symphony II CCD Detectors

The Symphony® II line of CCD detectors is a family of array detectors from HORIBA Scientific, the world leader in optical spectroscopy. Because of their unique combination of outstanding sensitivity, high speed, low noise, ruggedness and durability, all in compact and economical packages, these array detectors have totally revolutionized spectroscopic detection with the ultimate performance for a wide range of spectroscopic applications.


This is an oxygen and nitrogen elemental analyzer with high accuracy and repeatability suiting to cutting-edge technology's R&D as well as quality control in the market of steel, new materials, catalyst and so on. This is a new generation model optimized to fit to user's requests.

1000M Spectrometer

With a 1000 mm focal length, this spectrometer is ideal for applications when extremely low stray light levels are required, such as in Raman fluorescence excitation or when ultra high resolution is needed for emission structure analysis.


Produits : UVISEL VIS : 210-880 nm | UVISEL FUV : 190-880 nm | UVISEL NIR : 245-2100 nm | UVISEL ER : 190-2100 nm |

Idéal pour la caractérisation des couches minces en recherche et développement.

Auto SE, Simple Thin Film Measurement Tool

Visualisez vos échantillons et mesurez vos épaisseurs et constantes optiques en quelques clics!

« Avec l’Auto SE, la simplicité des analyses comme vous ne l’aviez jamais imaginée ! »

Synapse CCD and EMCCD Cameras

Synapse CCD and EMCCD is the complete solution for modern spectroscopic measurements from simple absorbance to the most difficult Raman or photoluminescence measurements.

SEC-E series mass flow controllers

Low cost solenoid valve mfc's are suitable for flow control from 0.2sccm to 500slm N2 equivalent.