TITAN in Laboratory

The TITAN D Series extends the transient test opportunities to real dynamic test applications.

TITAN in Laboratory.

The TITAN S series is designed to test a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines ranging from ordinary passenger cars up to large truck engines.

TITAN in Laboratory.

The design of the TITAN T Series is optimised for testing light and heavy-duty gasoline and diesel engines.

The MCU Multiplexer is a client/server application that manages simultaneous access of several Test Automation Systems (TAS) and a MCU (MEXA Main Control Unit).

VETS ONE automates a huge number of emissions chassis test cells worldwide, meeting the needs of independent test laboratories, automotive manufacturers, component suppliers, and regulatory agencies.

All-Wheel-Driven Powertrain test bed, used for testing transmission and driveline with or without combustion engine in longitudinal (in-line) configuration.




DYNAS 3 HT is a range of electrical AC machines designed to provide the higher levels of torque required for modern diesel engines.

The MEXA-1170SX is a continuous gas analyzer for sulfur compounds existing in engine emissions. It can measure concentrations of SO2and total reduced sulfur compounds (TRS), such as H2s, separately. It can also measure the total sulfur compounds (TS) that contain both gaseous compounds and liquid compounds in PM, such as SO3. "Lubricant oil consumption" measurement using sulfur trace method is also available.

STARS was developed by the world class combination of HORIBA and Ricardo. STARS is a powerful, flexible and versatile enterprise product, integrating with your testing process, meeting all of your testing needs, and has features for all applications in the engine testing environment from test bed control through to complete data management and reporting.

Front Wheel Driven Powertrain test bed, used for testing transmission and driveline with combustion engine or electrical drive system in longitudinal (in-line) or transversal configuration.