IG-331 Gloss Checkers
  • Mesure efficace de la brillance
  • Flexibilité d’utilisation grâce au capteur de mesure mobile
  • Angle de mesure sélectionnable entre 20° et 60°
  • Echelle de mesure : 0-100
  • Prix très compétitif


High Gloss Meter IG-410


  • Pour mesure de surfaces hautement réfléchissantes (métaux polis)
  • Possibilité de choisir entre deux échelles de mesure
  • Flexibilité des mesures grâce au capteur mobile
  • Angle de mesure à 60°
  • Deux échelles de mesure au choix : 0-100 et 0-1000


iHR320 Imaging Spectrometer

The iHR320 provides a platform for spectroscopic measurements for years to come.

iHR550 Imaging Spectrometer

The iHR550 spectrometer offers a unique combination of spectral quality, flexibility, robustness, and ease of use that makes it the ideal general-purpose spectrometer for performing spectral measurements with quality results.

LA 930

The LA-930 uses Mie Scattering (laser diffraction) to measure particle size of suspensions or dry powders. The speed and ease-of-use of this technique makes it the most popular for many applications.


Le granulomètre LB-550 utilise la technique de diffusion dynamique de la lumière et permet de mesurer des solutions concentrées, jusqu’à 40% en poids, sur une large gamme de 1nm à 6 microns.

InGaAs Array Detector

The HORIBA Jobin Yvon family of NIR array detectors, the Symphony Series, feature spectroscopic grade InGaAs detectors in a linear array of 512 or 1024 pixels.

MF2 - Multifrequency Phase Spectrofluorometer

A revolutionary advance in Fluorescence offering an increase in the rate of data-collection by 10,000 times and dynamic range by 1000 times over conventional approaches.

MicroHR Spectrometer

The MicroHR is a short focal length Czerny-Turner spectrometer that can be used as an imaging spectrograph or a scanning Monochromator. As a spectrograph, it features either a fixed or micrometer adjustable entrance slit with out unique Quick-Align CCD adapter.

Motorized MicroHR Spectrometer

Available as an imaging spectrograph or scanning monochromator, the new automated MicroHR allows users to make rapid and precise measurements, offering a degree of versatility not found in comparable focal length spectrometers.