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25 juillet 2009

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Effective July 1,2009, owners and operators of combustion units subject to SCAQMD Rules 1146 and 1146.1 are required to monitor NOx and CO emissions with a portable analyzer in accordance with AQMD's Combustion Gas Periodic Monitoring Protocol.

 These portable analyzer tests can only be conducted by a person who has completed an appropriate District-approved training program in the operation of portable analyzers and has received a certification issued by the District.

Similar requirements apply to rule 1110.2 for engines.

 HORIBA Instruments, Inc. has received the necessary District-approved training and certification. We have the dedicated staff and equipment to perform the tests and generate the reports necessary to fulfill the monitoring requirements for you at your convenience.

Please contact us for information about our services and products to assist your compliance with these new rules.



(949) 250-4811, ext. 1280

For more information on Rules 1146, 1146.1, and 1110.2, please refer to AQMD web site:


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