U-50 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter Ocean Tests

4 mai 2009

Figure 1. Left to right, Philip Kithil (Atmocean, Inc.) and Yuichi Ito (HORIBA Instruments, Inc.).

Figure 2. Atmocean buoy undergoing deployment.

Approximately 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, CA, Mr. Yuichi Ito, HORIBA Process & Environmental engineer, recently participated in discussions and viability testing of the HORIBA U-50 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter. Mr. Ito was invited by Mr. Philip Kithil CEO of Atmocean, Inc. (figure 1) to test the U-50 as part of Atmocean’s ongoing investigations into biological ocean sequestration of CO2. Atmocean’s proprietary upwelling technology may help mitigate the effects of global warming by driving phytoplankton blooms that ultimately trap large amounts of CO2 within the ocean. The Atmocean technology aims to bring the nutrient-rich deep ocean waters to the surface to enhance phytoplankton growth, thus accelerating this naturally occurring biological cycle.

During Mr. Ito’s voyage, the Atmocean team deployed a buoy (figure 2) outfitted with power, sensors, and telemetry systems. Tethered beneath the buoy is a conduit and series of valves. The valves work in a coordinated fashion to control the wave-driven upwelling mechanism. We hope that the HORIBA water quality analyzer can help the Atmocean team monitor the water quality during the upwelling process. We look forward to continuing collaborative trials later this summer and appreciate the opportunity to be involved on this important potential solution to the ongoing problem of global climate change.

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