EDA-2000 Acquisition des données à l’emission

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EDA-2000 is an emission data acquisition software, which is based on a 32-bit application and is especially constructed for the operating systems Windows XP/Vista/7. The handling of the data is done via one or more serial ports of the computer. Up to 8 different analyzer or Datalogger can be handled simultaneous. For this, the PC has to be equipped with a special interface board.


  • The language of the scripts contains more than 40 logical and arithmetical operators and functions. With this function, the program can preprocess the data and status information
  • Averaging values:
    The measured values are processed time synchronal to arithmetical averages. The average interval can be defined during the start between 15 seconds and 1 hour. Only valid values will be used for the averaging. If less then 50% of the measured values are valid within the average interval, the average value will be marked as invalid.
  • Data storing:
    For storing the measuring values (average values) and the messages Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database charts are used. For every new data acquisition a new data file and a memo file with an user definable name will be used.
  • Messages:
    EDA-2000 records failures and information with time assignment and stores these data into a special file.
  • Presentation of actual values:
    During the active data acquisition the values are viewed on a large size display and actualized every 5 sec. Therefore the values can be watched also from a few meter distances. Graphics can be stored also as a Windows Metafile. Windows Metafiles are scaleable in any resolution without any lost and are adaptable in all Windows application.
  • Chart presentation of average values:
    Older data files as well as the data file of the actual, measurement can be viewed in a chart on the screen. If the data storing is activated, the chart will be actualized, when new data’s will be stored.
  • Time diagram:
    With this function, the stored data can be viewed graphically with a user definable time interval.
  • Printer output
    The chart protocols as well as the time diagrams can be printed out on every Windows printer. The print of the time diagrams corresponds to the presentation on the screen.

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