PS-100E sécheur à perméation portable

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Due to European Reference Standard DIN EN 14792, the use of Permeation Dryers is obligate, if the NO2 concentration in sample gases exceeds 10% of the total present NOX components. In conclusion HORIBA has developed the Portable Permeation Dryer, Model PS-100E, which is approved according to the above reference standard (TÜV Report No. 936/21206693/C dated June 18th, 2008; issued by TÜV Rhineland, Cologne). It serves as a sample gas conditioning unit of Stack Emission Gases.


  • The installed permeation dryer is operated with dry purge gas, running in inverted direction flow.
  • Due to the difference in partial pressure between sample and purge gas humidity is driven out of the sample by equalization.
  • The water is extracted from the sample gas through a semi permeable membrane and transported into an outer tube filled with the purge gas. This process does not have a distinguishably effect on the sample gas composition.
  • The sample gas enters a heated fiter (approx. 100°C), separating all particles larger than 2 μm. After filtration the sample gas proceeds to the permeation dryer, equipped a temperature gradient.
  • To optimize performance, the temperature of the dryer can be adjusted according to the sample gas inlet temperature in the range from 40 to 100 °C. As purge gas instrument air, nitrogen, or other dry gases (dew point -40 °C) are suitable. The flow rate of the purge gas depends on the operating temperature of the dryer.
  • For short-term measurements the purge gas can be provided by the internal pump, avoiding external supplies. It is dehumidified by an externally installed cartridge, e.g. with molecular sieve. To connect different gas analyzers, the purge gas flow can be adjusted.
  • If larger flow rates are required (for instance long-term measurements or presence of HCl) the purge gas must be supplied externally at the “Pressure IN” inlet. Instrument air with a dew point of -40 °C is now obligate. The flow rate for the purge gas is adjusted internally with the pressure regulator and the needle valve with flow meter.

Fabriqué par HORIBA



Permeation Dryer


Portable sample gas conditioning for multi-component gas analyzer PG-250 ( according to DIN EN 14792 )

Gas inlet dew point

+ 60°C at gas outlet dew point - 20°C

Filter type

Universal filter type FSS-2T with PTFE volume filter element of 2 μm

Temperature control

40 - 100 °C with PID controller

Sample gas flow rate

Approx. 0.7L/min

Fitting for purge gas

6 mm PVC-fitting

Purge gas

Internal: by built-in pump, external dryer cartridge External: by pressure regulator, by needle valve, by flow meter

Fitting for sample gas

6 mm Swagelok-fitting


230 V ac 50 Hz (other supply optional)


860 (L) x 270 (H) x 210 (D) mm


Approx. 13 kg

Conforming standards

CE marking, DIN EN 14792