Air Quality Monitoring System

HORIBA has more than 50 years experience providing ambient monitoring solutions, recognized around the world. HORIBA has supplied over 15,000 units with the major share in many regions. The monitoring station is tailor-made according to the customer's request. HORIBA can provide several types of stations, calibration equipment and more to meet your challenging monitoring requirements.


AQMS, the doctor for "Human Health"



The Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS) is a facility to measure wind speed, direction, other weather parameters, concentration of air pollutants (such as SO2, NOx, CO, O3, THC etc), and particulate matters continuously all year round. Mobile AQMS can also be customized to monitor multiple sites via one system.


AQMS Applications

The measured data can be remotely monitored and exported in various formats to the local central authorities. The data can be published via the Internet for easy public access to raise awareness on current air pollution levels. This way, the public can prevent outdoor activities and reduce health impacts during heavy polluted days.

Mobile/Fixed Monitoring Stations

Main Products

Le calibrateur multigaz modèle APMC-370 est conçu pour calibrer les analyseurs de pollution de gaz, manuellement, automatiquement ou, par commande à distance.

Il est utilisé dans des stations de surveillance de la pollution de l'air, dans des laboratoires d'assurance qualité ainsi que pour la production d'analyseurs de gaz.

APDA-371 Analyseur de poussières ambiantes

L'analyseur APDA-371 mesure et sauvegarde les concentrations de particules dans l'air ambiant (mg ou µg/m3) en utilisant la technologie reconnue de l'atténuation rayon Béta.

Continuous Particulate Monitor with X-ray Fluorescence PX-375


Continuous analysis of particulate mass and the element with automatic sampling


Light scattering type Dust Analyzer


Le générateur d’air compact modèle HORIBA ZNV-7 HORIBA est utilisé dans les laboratoires mobiles ou fixes pour la calibration du point zéro ou pour la dilution des gaz permettant de faire la calibration du point haut (échelle/Span) des analyseurs d’air ambiant.