Particle Characterization

HORIBA offers instruments for particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, and surface area analysis.

Water Quality

If your water quality measurements are in the field, in the lab, or on the go, there is a HORIBA analyzer made especially for you. Simple and effective measurements are made wherever you need to make them.

Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzers

HORIBA's SLFA series of sulfur-in-oil instruments have for years been the overwhelming choice in the petroleum industry. Continuous improvements in performance and usability allow us to offer a range of instruments to suit your requirements.

Raman Spectroscopy

HORIBA Scientific is the world leader in Raman spectroscopy, with a long history in the technique. The Raman effect allows fast, non-destructive chemical analysis of solids, powders, liquids, gases and so on.

Aqualog Fluorometer for CDOM

Aqualog is the only instrument to simultaneously measure both absorbance spectra and fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices.