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New Vs-7000 Mini-Ccd

7 janvier 2014 - New e-Shutter offers exposures as short as 4 microseconds. HORIBA Scientific, global leader in OEM Grating and Spectrometer systems, is announcing its new electronic shutter CCDs and electronics, which fit on the...

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5 septembre 2013 - New MicOS flexible microspectrometer solution targeted for luminescence measurement needs HORIBA Scientific, global leader in optical spectroscopy equipment, is pleased to launch MicOS, its newest microspectrometer....

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8 février 2013 - New Delta Series is Faster, Simpler and Most Affordable on Market HORIBA Scientific (HORIBA), the global leader in fluorescence spectroscopy systems, announces the Delta Series, their newest generation of...

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17 avril 2012 - HORIBA Scientific's Fluorometer is the only Fluorescence spectrometer category winnerHORIBA Scientific, an innovator of high performance scientific and analytical equipment, is proud to announce that our...

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