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Webinar on Using Low Energy Raman Spectroscopy

4 mai 2016 - HORIBA Scientific, a global leader in Raman Spectroscopy, is pleased to be offering a free webinar focusing on demonstrating the use of low-energy Raman...

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Combining plasma profiling TOFMS with TOF-SIMS depth profiling for microelectronic applications

24 mars 2016 - Read our recent article showing the comparison of TOF-SIMS and Plasma Profiling TOFMS (PP-TOFMS) depth profiles of SiGe, metal silicides,  photovoltaics complex metal/oxide stacks, and PZT, published in Journal of Vacuum...

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18 mars 2016 - HORIBA Scientific, global leader in ICP-OES spectrometry systems, announced its newest software release for their ICP-OES spectrometers.

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17 mars 2016 - New cleaning mechanism enables repetitive measurements up to 200 times HORIBA Scientific, global leader in elemental analysis systems and solutions, just announced the

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1 mars 2016 - During this webinar, you will learn how the combination of the X-Aptamer Selection Kit from AM Biotechnologies with HORIBA's SPRi system allows you to develop and screen aptamers from small molecules in a short period of time. In...

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16 février 2016 - L’EPA Paris-Saclay et l’IPVF ont signé le 8 janvier 2016 l’acte de vente de cession des droits à construire d’un bâtiment de 7 800m². Opération d’aménagement parmi les plus importantes en France pilotée par l’EPA Paris-Saclay, le...

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