European Project Gladiator, Half-way Review: Summary of the Results Achieved

24 décembre 2015

The project GLADIATOR (Graphene Layers: Production, Characterization and Integration) is driven by the vision of developing an approach to the production of high quality graphene (transmittance ≤ 90%, sheet resistance ≥ 10 Ohm/sq.) both on a large scale and at a low cost. This will make this type of graphene (produced by chemical vapour deposition - CVD) a competitive alternative to indium tin oxide (ITO) as the electrode material used in (flexible) organic electronics.

For future CVD graphene manu¬facture and the integration of graphene in products at low cost, it is essential to monitor and/ or control the quality as soon as possible during the synthesis process. Accordingly, a spectral ellipsometer has been adapted to a CVD graphene lab tool and first results show that differentiating between mono- and multilayers is possible in situ. Although the spectral ellipsometry is very powerful, the project continues to work on the more difficult adaptation of a Raman spectrometer to acquire complementary information.

The project is now just over half-way through its 42 month duration and has already achieved very promising and interesting results, in accord with its ambitious schedule.

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