Upcoming Pittcon 2015

19 février 2015

Join HORIBA Scientific at our upcoming Pittcon 2015 symposium entitled, "Using analytical solutions to target emerging issues in drinking water safety." 

Adam Gilmore, PhD, will be discussing: "Optical monitoring and optimization of wastewater recycling operations with simultaneous fluorescence and absorbance measurements."  The presentation will highlight the latest analytical solutions being used to address drinking water safety with applications using luminescence, fluorescence, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, drinking water testing, NELAC certification, and microbial assays.  

This timely topic is of broad interest to scientists, chemists and consumers around the country, and particularly to residents of Louisiana.

Other speakers include:

Here is the working list of the symposium:

  1.  Lauren Weinrich: Method development using luminescence for biodegradable organic carbon measurements in drinking water
  2. Ruth Marfil Vega, PhD: Evaluation of emerging and unregulated drinking water contaminants and the impact of operations at American Water facilities 
  3. Adam Gilmore, PhD:  Optical monitoring and optimization of wastewater recycling operations with simultaneous fluorescence and absorbance measurements
  4. Andrew Whelton, PhD: Emerging Issues Regarding the Impact of Polymer Pipes, Coatings, and Liners on Water Quality
  5. Jonathan “Jake” Causey, P.E: Brain-eating amoeba: Louisiana's emergency response to the recent public health threat by Naegleria Fowleri

We will showcase the following technologies.

Check out our videos of new products and the latest applications.

Our applications scientists will be presenting at the oral sessions, the poster sessions and the symposium.