Do you know what is protecting your telephone screen?

Nowadays screen protectors are not as necessary as they once were. Nevertheless, the Gorilla™ Glass* screen of your mobile phone can still be scratched with the sand in your pocket, or it can be cracked when you drop it. For this reason the so called «screen protectors» have become more and more popular. The cheapest ones are usually plastic films that you can stick on your telephone screen. However, are you sure you know what you are covering your phone with? With the development of pulsed Radio Frequency source and the invention of the Ultra Fast Sputtering («UFS»), Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy can easily answer to this question [1,2].

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PP-TOFMS Depth Profiling of ZnO Thin layers co-doped with Rare Earths for Photonic Materials

Depth analysis by plasma profiling time of flight mass spectrometry of rare earth doped materials: codoped Eu and Tb ZnO thin layers developed for making white LEDs.

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7th International GD Day (11-12 June 2014)

The "GD days" is the most comprehensive event on analytical Glow Discharge Spectrometries (GDS) and gathers GDS users and invited researchers from all over the world for a scientific conference covering both applicative aspects and recent developments. Perspectives and complementarities with other techniques (XPS, SEM, AtomProbe, AFM Raman, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry) are also covered.

The 2014 GD Days will take place in Reims on June 11 afternoon and June 12 (one and half day) associated to the annual exhibition of the SFV (French Vacuum Society). One session of the GD days will be done in parallel with the meeting of the "IAP" group of plasma physicists from Belgium.

The program of the 7th International GD day is now complete and available on line at

Meet us in Reims on June 11 and 12, 2014.