Ruled Plane Gratings

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HORIBA Jobin Yvon has produced a wide range of ruled master gratings from which we manufacture high precision replicas.

Dimensions of our high-precision replica gratings typically range from 25x25 mm up to 120x140 mm.

Efficiency Curves

510 37; 75 l/mm; 5-16 µm
510 12; 600 l/mm; blaze 400 nm
510 21; 300 l/mm; blaze 2 µm


These efficiency curves are absolute theoretical efficiencies, calculated using rigorous electromagnetic theory, taking into account the true groove profiles of manufactured gratings measured with an atomic force microscope (AFM).

These curves are for reference only and do not indicate grating specifications.

Custom Master Ruled Gratings for CO2 Lasers

HORIBA Jobin Yvon offers master ruled plane gratings optimized at 10.6 µm for CO2 lasers.

  • ruling density is 150 l/mm
  • coating: gold
  • substrate material: stainless steel
  • substrate dimension: 25 mm diameter on 25x25 mm
  • absolute efficiency: higher than 95% for TM polarization over 9 to 11 µm wavelength range

Ruled plane gratings are replicated from our extensive inventory of high-quality master gratings. New gratings are frequently added; please inquire for your specific needs.