XGT-5200 X-ray Analytical Microscope

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With the unique X-ray Guide Tube the bench top XGT-5200 systems allow convenient access to X-ray fluorescence analysis with high spatial resolution – from 1.2 mm down to 10 µm. There is no sample preparation or vacuum required – the object is simply placed in the sample chamber and analysed at normal atmospheric pressure. Fully integrated software controls sample movement, acquisition options and data analysis (including qualitative and quantitative analysis, and composite image generation). From when a sample is put in the chamber, just a few seconds are needed until an acquisition is started, aided by intuitive “point and click” selection of the analysis position.

The sample is visualised with coaxial geometry, so that parallax errors are removed. You have absolute confidence that where you see is where you sample.

Two X-ray guide tubes are provided in the instrument, allowing the user to simply switch between a micro and macro beams, so that a range of experiments can be accommodated. The high intensity beam delivered by these guide tubes ensures that acquisition times are kept to a minimum. The mono-capillary design of these guide tubes are ideally suited for high intensity element imaging, even of samples which are not perfectly flat.

XRF mapped images are easily obtained through automated sample scanning, and the provision of a second detector beneath the sample enables simultaneous acquisition of X-ray transmission images. The additional structural information provided by this technology is extremely useful for locating regions of interest, or interrogating a sample's internal structure.


  • Highest spatial resolution

    Highest spatial resolutionThe unique x-ray guide tube technology of HORIBA provides the highest spatial resolution micro-XRF analysis, with x-ray beam diameters down to 10 µm. The high intensity, ultra-narrow beams provided by the guide tubes allow fast, non-destructive analysis of microscopic features.

  • Transmission X-ray Mapped Imaging

    Transmission X-ray Mapped Imaging In combination with XRF imaging, the XGT-5200 allows transmitted X-ray images to be acquired. This can be used to perform internal structural analyses and identify regions of interest not visible to the eye. Scanning is done with a narrow perpendicular beam, resulting in clear penetrating images even for non-flat samples such as cylindrical parts.

  • Complete range of sample sizes

    Complete range of sample sizesThe accommodating sample chamber enables a wide range of samples to be analyzed, from a 10 µm spot analysis on a microscopic feature, to mapped analysis of areas as large as 10cm x 10cm.

  • Integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

    Integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis SoftwareIntuitive software allows easy control of instrument hardware, fast sample visualization and selection of measurement region, and full data analysis. Functions include automated peak identification, quantitative measurements, RGB composite image generation, line profile analysis.

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  • XGT System
    High Sensitivity Model (Spatial Resolution: 10 µm, 100 µm)
    TYPE Ⅰ: -
    TYPE Ⅱ: O

    Standard Type (Spatial Resolution: 100 µm)
    TYPE Ⅰ: O (Can be upgraded to 10 µm)
    TYPE Ⅱ: -
  • Transmitted X-ray Detector
    TYPE Ⅰ: O* (Option)
    TYPE Ⅱ: O
    *The transmitted X-ray image window is displayed during mapping even if the X-ray detector is not installed.
  • Optical Image
    Full Sample Optical Image Observation System
    TYPE Ⅰ: O (Option)
    TYPE Ⅱ: O (X2-X16)

    Enlarged Optical Image Coaxial Observation System
    TYPE Ⅰ: O* *(X30)
    TYPE Ⅱ: O (X100)
    ** "100X" when the full sample optical image observation system option is added.

    Measurement Position Setting from the Optical Image
    TYPE Ⅰ: O
    TYPE Ⅱ: O
  • Specifications for All XGT-5200 Models
    X-ray Tube: 50 kV max, 1 mA, Rh target
    Fluorescence X-ray Detector: Peltier cooled Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
    Elements Detected: Na to U (with sample at normal atmospheric pressure)
    Energy Range: 0 - 40 keV
    Maximum Measurement Area / Maximum Sample Size:
    100 mm x 100 mm / 350 mm x 400 mm x 40 mm
    OS: Windows XP

    Qualitative Analysis Functions
    : Automatic Qualitative Analysis, Multi-Point Analysis, Matching
    Quantitative Analysis Functions:
    FPM Quantification(Standardless, 1-point Calibration), Calibration Curve Quantification
    Mapping Analysis: Simultaneous Mapping of the transmitted
    Image and Elemental mapping Image, Pseudo Color, RGB composition, Image Line Analysis,
    Inter-Image Calculation, Phase Analysis (Option), Contrast Adjustment,
    Analysis Position Specification from the transmitted Image,
    Fluorescence Image and Optical ImageCRT Display, Printer Output
    Output: File Output, Data conversion Output (Option), Printing Layout (Option)

    Power Supply: AC100 V/ 50/60 Hz/ 1.3 kVA or less
    Device Weight: 280 kg
    External Dimensions: 2110(W) X 1000(D) X 1350(H) µm
  • Peripherals
    Vacuum Pump · Color Printer · MO Drive (Option) · CD-RW Drive (Option) · 17-in LCD Monitor (Option)· Transmitted Light Illumination System(Option)


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