XGT solves this problem

There is no need to damage the protective resin on the circuit board, so the defective area in the circuit board can be accurately identified. Furthermore, because both penetrating X-ray images and fluorescence X-ray images can be viewed simultaneously, information about internal elements can also be checked, providing useful information for deducing and identifying the cause of the problem.

  • Analysis of Defects in Resin Molds
  • Analysis of IC Package Defects
  • Analysis of Defects in Condensers, LEDs, etc.


Analyze a defect inside a digital camera battery.

Measurement Conditions

X-ray Tube Voltage 50 kV
X-ray Tube Current 1.0 mA
X-ray Radiation Diameter 100 µm
Sample Digital camera battery

With electronic parts encased in molded plastic, the external appearance of the parts provides no information about the internal circuit structure. With the XGT, however, penetrating X-ray images can be used to check the internal structure.

After the location of the defect has been identified, fluorescence X-ray images can be used to analyze the part's interior and deduce the cause of the defect.

Internal Observation Using Penetrating Images

Internal Observation Using Penetrating Images

Mapping Results

Mapping Results_Cu
Mapping Results_Au
Mapping Results_Pb
Mapping Result_RGB
RGB-synthetic image