Sample Analysis by Application Experts

HORIBA has a long-standing commitment to complimentary sample analysis towards the evaluation of a particle size, particle shape, surface area, or zeta potential analyzer. Each submission is measured by a highly-trained member of the Applications Lab and presented as a formal lab report complete with method, observations, results, and data interpretation assistance. To get started with your sample analysis, please contact us at

Sample Submission Forms

LA-Series: Particle Size Analysis from 10 nanometers to 5 millimeters

CAMSIZER, CAMSIZER XT, and PSA300: Particle Size & Shape Analysis from 1 micron to 30 millimeters

SZ-Series: Nanoparticle Size & Zeta Potential Analysis from 1 nanometer to 8 microns

SA-Series: Surface Area Analysis

Commitment to Application Expertise

HORIBA’s experienced staff of technical and applications specialists support users in 54 offices across 45 countries We are committed to the satisfaction of our users and to the education of the greater industry and provide many channels of support including:

  • Sample analysis via the many Applications Lab around the world Free software updates
  • Webinars, Technical notes, and much more in the Download Center
  • Instant support via phone, e-mail, and online meeting
  • On-site and in-house user training courses
  • Service contracts, verifications, and validations to fit every requirement
  • Advanced software tools to correlate data from other particle size analyzers to maintain historic specifications
HORIBA supports particle characterization applications in 54 offices in 45 countries
HORIBA supports particle characterization applications in 54 offices in 45 countries

Particle Analyzer Product Pages


Le LA- 960 utilise la théorie de Mie pour mesurer la taille de particules en suspensions, en émulsions ou à l’état de poudres sèches. La rapidité et la facilité d'utilisation font de cette technique un choix préférentiel pour la plupart des applications.

SZ-100 Nanopartica Series Instruments

L'appareil de caractérisation des nanoparticules le plus précis du marché, avec la plus grande plage de fonctionnement.

CAMSIZER Dynamic Image Analyzer

L’analyseur d’images en dynamique CAMSIZER@P4 donne des informations rapides et précises sur la taille et la forme de produits secs (poudres, granulés, granulats), à écoulement fluide, pour des granulométries comprises entre 20 µm et 30 mm.

CAMSIZER X2 Dynamic Image Analyzer

Le vidéo-granulomètre CAMSIZER X2, analyseur d’images en dynamique, mesures la répartition en taille et la forme de produits sous forme sèche et humide (suspensions), pour des granulométries comprises entre 0.8µm et 8mm.

SA-9600 Surface Area Analyzer

HORIBA's breakthrough SA-9600 Series brings exceptional convenience and confidence to surface area and pore volume analysis. Now you can perform single-point surface area, multi-point surface area and total pore volume measurements with push-button ease.