What are the advantages with Raman for remote industrial process monitoring?

Advantages for Raman process analyzers:

  • Little or no sample preparation or sample extraction.
  • No interference from water or CO2 vapor - Aqueous solutions are easily analyzed (compared to FTIR).
  • Inexpensive glass or quartz sample holders are ideal and no consumables are required (compared to GC, MS, ICP).
  • Contact/ Non-contact sampling probes.
  • Chemical and molecular information rich- high specificity compared with NIR.
  • The standard spectral range covers from 150 cm-1 to 3200 cm-1 ideal for both organic and inorganic species.
  • Multiplexing advantage - multiple probes from a single base unit.
  • Suitability for harsh environments, such as high pressure and temperature.
  • Optical fibre coupling (up to 100's of meters in length) can be used for remote probes and micro-sampling.