Measurement, Analysis, Control and Compliance ….What does HORIBA bring to the party??

14 mars 2017

With one of the strongest backgrounds in components, systems and instruments for high technology manufacturing equipment, HORIBA’s wealth of experience in the measurement, analysis and control of high value processes using its cutting edge technology is recognised globally by both R&D and volume production communities and none more so than in its core markets; Semiconductor Manufacturing, Automotive, Scientific Instrumentation, Process and Environmental and Medical.

HORIBA’s New Business Development Manager, Phil Burnside observes ‘HORIBA’s diversified yet complementary technologies provide users with a unique offering in the area of high accuracy measurement and control equipment where quality control, yield and throughput are all critical’. He continues, ‘increasingly regulatory demands, which aim to protect the environment from water and airborne pollutants and emissions, are on the increase’.

Fortunately, technology is transferrable across market segments and HORIBA’s expertise in adapting and repackaging the core skill and capabilities to meet the needs of new applications can make the difference.

The Surface Engineering market is one such industry where engineers recognise the opportunities available to produce novel and cost effective solutions by using technology previously only considered in niche markets. At the same time, environmentalists are keen to ensure we look after our planet. Indeed, both are focused upon an improved quality of life for all.

So how does the transfer of technologies look for the Surface Engineering community and how can HORIBA contribute?

Looking specifically at Vacuum Coating and Surface Finishing, ‘HORIBA have been looking at both sectors for entirely different reasons’ says the Business Development Manager, ‘on one hand, HORIBA’s experience in the Semiconductor market is ideally positioned to help Vacuum Coaters and on the other our experience in water monitoring solutions can help Surface Finishers comply with Water Framework Directives, while our Scientific instruments can be utilised across both segments.’

At Surface World 2017, HORIBA will exhibit some of its core technologies specifically aimed at Vacuum Coating and Surface Finishing. On display will be:

  • HORIBA STEC Mass Flow Controllers (MFC’s) and Vaporizers for Vacuum Coating applications which provide highly reliable, repeatable and accurate control of process gases used in vacuum chambers. These products are globally recognised as the leaders in the ultra-high purity semiconductor manufacturing industry. Users will benefit from HORIBA’s 35 years of providing solutions to this demanding industry.
  • HORIBA’s range of cutting edge analytical instrumentation, built around high performance and ease of use can be used in R&D as well as for quality control. For thickness measurement HORIBA will display its LEM camera which is providing users with highly accurate thickness measurements during the coating process.
  • For Molecular Analysis, information will be available on HORIBA’s Raman spectrometers. For accurate elemental depth profiling, the Profiler2 Glow Discharge Spectrometer provides analysis from nanoscale surface coatings to 300μm multilayer thick films. Particle Size and distribution analysers provide users with the confidence required in exacting research and production environments.
  • For surface finishers, HORIBA will display water monitor and quality meters that help users comply with statutory requirements.

We look forward to welcoming visitors to Booth K3 at Surface World and learning more about how we can help in this industry.

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