ESH-01-C-SN Sanitary Conductivity Sensor (Ferrule Clamp type) for Low Concentrations ESH-01-C-SN

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The ESH-01-C-SN conductivity sensor, which is used in conjunction with the HE-960CW conductivity converter, is ideal for controlling conductivity in the purified water, pasteurized water, and water for injection that are used in the production of pharmaceuticals and foods and beverages.


  • Tough structure that can withstand steam sterilization
    Complies with the steam sterilization condition at 140°C / 0.6 MPa (60 minutes)
  • Electro-polished and mechanically polished, which satisfies the requirements for sanitary pipes.
  • SUS316L, PEEK, and FKM are used as materials for contact with fluids

Fabriqué par HORIBA Advanced Techno



ESH-01-C-S-SN 1.5 S

Measurement principle

Alternative two-pole method

Cell constant

Approx. 0.1 /cm

Measurement range

0 to 200 µS/cm (complies with the specifications of the conductivity converter)

Measurement temperature

0 to 100°C (complies with the specifications of the conductivity converter)

Pressure range

0 to 1 MPa

Ambient operating temperature / humidity

0 to 50°C, 95% RH or lower


IP67 or equivalent

Materials for contact with fluids


Steam sterilization

140°C / 0.6 MPa, within 60 minutes

Connection bore diameter

IDF / ISO 1.5 S ferrule


Approx. 0.3 kg


10 m Y-shaped terminal

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