Dissolved Oxygen Monitor in Low Concentration HF HD-960L

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High stability measurement dissolved oxygen in low concentration HF. Automatically switches between three measurement ranges from μg/L to mg/L. Measurement range : 0 - 20.00 mg/L.


  • Automatic range-switching function
    Automatically switches between three measurement ranges from μg/L to mg/L, making measurement possible with the most suitable resolving power.
  • Standard installation of communication function (RS-485)
    It is possible to check measured value, change and control the settings in an instrumentation area apart from where the unit is used.
  • Easy-to-use calibration function
    The HD-960L has a function for zero electricity/zero gas calibration and span calibration.
  • Capable of measuring small samples
    Can take measurements at a minimum flow rate of 15 ml/min.

Fabriqué par HORIBA Advanced Techno


Model Name


Measurement range Repeatability

Measurement range


0.0 to 200.0 μg/L

+/-1% FS

200 to 2000μg/L

+/-1% FS

2.00 to 20.00mg/L

+/-1% FS

Conditions measurement sample

Sample Pressure

0 to 0.1MPa

Sample flow rate

15 to 200ml /min.

Sample temperature

10 to 45 °C

Sample HF concentration

0 to 5000ppm

Transmission output

4-20mA, 4points

Contact output

4 points

Power supply

DC24V +/- 10% 15W

Combined Sensor unit


Combined Sensor


Sample inlet/outlet

1/4 inch tube


Dimensions of HD-960L


  • Technical Article

Dissolved Oxygen Monitor (HD-960L) for Semiconductor Wet Process Performance of the Dissolved Oxygen Monitor Used in the Semiconductor Wet Process; Low Concentration Monitoring, High Temperature, Small Amount of Sampling Volume, Chemical Resistance (1.9 MB)

"The dissolved oxygen monitor HD-960L was launched which is used for the etching chemicals (HF and TMAH aqueous solution) in the semiconductor wet process. In the polarographic sensor, a guard electrode is arranged to obtain faster response for low concentration range. The volume of the electrolyte solution is limited so as to minimize the slack of the membrane by hot sample. The guard electrode together with a current restrict resistor prolongs the life of electrolyte solution. The results of the performance test showed that the signal of saturated oxygen would not be influenced by the chemical existence, the response to the concentration changing in low concentration area was good enough, and the output was linear to the input concentration. In the flow chamber, magnetic stirrer is installed to measure the dissolved oxygen stably in low sample flow rate."