Mixed Injection System Liquid Vaporizer MV-2000 Series

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The MV-2000 Series achieves stable vaporization even at low temperatures by a new tornado flow method. This is suitable for vaporization of liquid sources which are used in semiconductor manufacturing such as "High-k", a liquid source which is pyrolyzed easily. 


  • Stable vaporization at low temperature by a new tornedo flow method.
  • Higher flow rate vaporization (add the stability data)
  • Can vaporize a liquid source which is pyrolyzed easily

See sample of liquid precursors HORIBA works with

Fabriqué par HORIBA STEC


Specifications of MV-2000



Liquid Material

All liquids except those corrosive to stainless steel(ex. HCl, HF)

Setting Temperature

By vaporization conditions(Control Valve : Max 140 ˚C Vaporizer : Max 200 ˚C)

Leak Integrity

≤ 1 × 10-8 Pa·m3 /s (He)

Internal leak standard

≤ 1 × 10-6 Pa·m3 /s (He)

Wetted parts


Temperature Sensor

Thermocouple type K (CA)

Pressure Resistance

1MPa (G)

Standard Fitting

Liquid inlet: 1/8 VCR type Male Carrier gas inlet: 1/4 VCR type Female Gas outlet: 1/2 VCR type Male

Operating Temperature

15 - 50 ˚C


Air valve(Internal leak standard: ≤ 1×10-9 Pa · m3 / s(He) )

  • The generated flow rate may differ depending on the liquid material, amount of generation, generation conditions, etc. We will recommend the model most suited to your needs upon consultation.
  • The vaporizer has a heater, temperature sensor, and switch inside of it. Please contact us for more details on their specifications.


MV-2000 Schematics