Low-cost Reticle/Mask Particle Detection System PR-PD5

Vue d'ensemble

The PR-PD5 has been designed so that it can be integrated with any other system as a apace-saving measure. Installing the PR-PD5 to the conveyor, or the reticle stocker, allows the performance of simultaneous inspection, while combining it with the cleaning device enables inspection during the cleaning process.


  • Reticle inversion mechanism
  • 0.5μm to 50μm selectability
  • Single detection system
  • Built-in and combination types

Fabriqué par HORIBA


Inspection object

Particles on reticle/mask with or without pellicle


Laser scattering method

Detectable particle size

Pattern surface: 0.5 µm, Glass surface: 5.0 µm, Pellicle surface: 10.0 µm (* PSL equivalent)

Inspection result

Data mapping display on the FPD



Installation site

Clean room or clean booth, class 100 or better


23 ±1°C


100 to 230 V AC, 7.5 to 5 A, 50/60 Hz, single phase