Chemical Concentration Monitoring

HORIBA provide a wide range of inline and offline concentration monitors for the different high and low concentration wet etching processes for Low-k, Al, Oxide/Nitride, Poly Silicon etc. In addition to monitors for wet etching a wide range of monitors for the different cleaning steps, for example removal of particles, resist, metallic layer, organic layers, oxides, polymers etc are also available.
To assist selection of the correct monitor for you chemistry please view our Chemical Solution Monitor *1 brochure.
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Low Concentration HF/HCl/NH3 Monitor HF-960M

High precision, high-speed measurement of low concentrations of HF, HCl, and NH3. Resistance sensor.

Dissolved Ozone Monitor OZ-96

This dissolved ozone concentration monitor is able to cover a broad measuring range from low concentrations to high concentrations.


In-line type Dissolved Ozone Monitor OZ-96i

Ideal for ozone fluid density control in semiconductor production processes


Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter (High concentration type) HE-960HC

Wide range, carbon sensor conductivity meter for high concentration. Measurement rage: 0 - 1000 mS/cm

Wide range TMAH Concentration Monitor HE-960H-TM

TMAH monitor can measure the wide range from 0 - 10 %. Chemical resistance carbon sensor. Suitable for management of TMAH concentration in developer solution.

Carbon Sensor Resistivity Meter HE-960R-GC(W)

Carbon sensor resistivity meter. Measurement range: 0 - 100.0 MΩ・cm

2-channel Carbon Sensor Resistivity Meter HE-960RW-GC(W)

Resistivity meter having the 2-channel carbon sensor. Measurement range: 0 - 100.0 MΩ・cm