Safety Coordinator

Safety Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and Implement all Safety Policies currently in place at HORIBA
  • Upholds all COVID-19 and pandemic safety programs currently in effect; suggests improvements where needed
  • Conducts Quarterly Safety Audits for all HORIBA site(s) and prepares reports and suggested corrective actions; completes corrective actions
  • Leads and executes Special Safety projects identified by peers as potential hazards
  • Attends Safety educational seminars and webinars on a regular basis
  • Champions New Hire Safety Training
  • Identifies Safety process bottlenecks and executes timely solutions
  • Prepares safety update presentations for top management
  • Manages the onsite Safety Emergency Response team, leads trainings drills and communications
  • Regularly reviews HORIBA Safety procedures and makes changes where needed
  • Maintains HORIBA Online Learning databases and creates team structure, training courses and reports where needed; ensures employee participation in Online Courses for 100% compliance
  • Be available to lead high priority safety efforts or respond to an emergency during off hours and weekends


Job Requirements:

  • A minimum of 5 years of related experience is highly desired; less will be considered on a situation basis.
  • The candidate must have excellent communications skills with an in depth knowledge of local and current safety legislature and procedure.
  • Considerable experience preparing reports and procedures with an understanding of employee health and convenience.
  • Must be detailed, organized and with creative thinking skills, yet still able to enact strict policy should the need arise.
  • COVID-19 safety policy knowledge is required.
  • OSHA safety training certification is required.
  • Knowledge of clean rooms is a plus+


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