HORIBA accelerates investment in the alternative and new energy field – Today marks the start of a new research institute at UCI

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​​​​​​​Established with a donation of state-of-the-art HORIBA equipment and technology

HORIBA, Ltd. (referred to as "HORIBA" hereinafter) and its group companies which provide a wide range of analysis and measurement solutions for energy processes and applications, marks a full-scale entry into the new energy fields by launching a comprehensive strategy in anticipation of the arrival of the new energy era.

As a key part of its strategy HORIBA has pledged its full support for the establishment and activities of the HORIBA Institute for Mobility and Connectivity2 (HIMaC2), part of the Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Inaugurated on July 6, 2021, HIMaC2 will replicate the next-generation of power systems and infrastructure, where everything is connected, and energy management from ‘point to network’ is essential for network optimization and efficiency. By providing technical support for the research at HIMaC2, HORIBA aims to take a lead in the realization of a sustainable energy society and create new businesses and technologies in the fields of energy efficiency, environment, and safety.

Three research topics for HIMaC2

Using HORIBA equipment, HIMaC2 scientists and engineers will pursue solutions to the three grand challenges facing the future of energy and the environment. The first is to develop vehicle technologies, fuel supply chains and mobility systems that emit no greenhouse gases or pollutants and other health hazards.

Second is to connect zero-emission modes of transport with an electric grid that incorporates higher levels of renewable wind and solar resources than exists today.

Third is to invent the next generation of vehicles that can sense their surroundings, “talk” with one another and communicate with the built infrastructure.


The background of HORIBA’s donation

By providing products, services and applications specialized in the analysis and measurement of energy processes and applications, HORIBA has been driving the need to deliver an energy society based on total system optimization, including:

  1. Generation: In addition to monitoring the environmental impact of power generation, HORIBA provides measurement equipment for the hydrogen production process, which is forecast to expand production driven by increased demand for transportation and clean energy generation.
  2. Storage: Research and development for the establishment of energy storage technology is accelerating worldwide. HORIBA delivers measurement technologies, in the evaluation of battery material development for enhanced performance.
  3. Utilization: As the world strives for improving the efficiency of energy consumption HORIBA provides the tools and applications necessary to improve efficiency through detailed analysis and measurement.

In addition to optimizing at a single point with its superior analysis and measurement technologies, HORIBA recognizes the need to optimize and manage the entire system at the network level, which will be further complicated as the energy system undergoes major structural changes and all energy, mobility, and information technology infrastructures integrate into a single network.

As part of a long-term strategic commitment, HORIBA will support HIMaC2 's ambitious research projects with a wide range of technologies, resource exchange and promotional activity, with the aim of realizing energy management optimization in light of the energy challenges our society faces.


Research center occupied by HIMaC2


Inside of the Lab, equipped with HORIBA’s measurement and test systems


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