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A Montpellier, HORIBA Medical conçoit, développe, produit puis distribue dans le monde entier, des automates de diagnostic in vitro dans les domaines de l'Hématologie, de la Chimie Clinique et de l'Hémostase. Ces instruments contribuent dès aujourd'hui à préparer la santé de demain.


New assays for Thrombophilia screening launched! - Protein S Activity, Protein C Activity and Antithrombin

The new Hemostasis system, Yumizen G800 - positive experience shared by Dr. Andrea Abade

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Independent study validates HORIBA Medical’s Yumizen G DDi 2 assay for...

HORIBA Medical’s D-dimer immunoassay displays excellent analytical performance in independent evaluation study

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HORIBA Medical QSP Newsletter #23 - Acute myeloid leukemia

Acute myeloid leukemia - HORIBA Medical QSP Newsletter #23 ...

This QSP Newsletter 23rd edition discusses the case of 84 years old male who is suspected to have acute myeloid leukemia. The newsletter provides a...

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HORIBA Medical Chase the Case #10 (EN) - Babesia divergens

Babesia Divergens - Clinical Cases of Yumizen H2500 Hematology...

The 10th issue of the Chase the Case talks about severe babesiosis due to Babesia divergens acquired in the United Kingdom. Yumizen H2500 hematology...

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