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Segment: Medical
Sr.No.ReferenceConsumable of Yumizen E100Pack SizeDescription
14000048871Yumizen E-100 Fluid Pack620 MLIt contains Standard A, Standard B and is used to measuring the results of critical electrolytes in Blood, Serum, Plasm & Urine.
24000048872Yumizen E-100 Electrode Conditioning Solution100 MLIt is used to condition the Sodium (Na+) Electrode for better measurement.
34000048873Yumizen E-100 ISE Cleaning Sol100 MLISE Cleaning Solution is used to clean the fluid path for better measurement and is detergent in base.
44000048874Yumizen E-100 Deproteinizer Sol100 MLIt is used to deproteinize the fluid path for better measurement.
54000048877Yumizen E-100 Na+ ElectrodeEachNa+ Electrode is used to measure Sodium Ion from the fluid.
64000048878Yumizen E-100 K+ ElectrodeEachK+ Electrode is used to measure Potassium Ion from the fluid.
74000048880Yumizen E-100 Cl- ElectrodeEachCl- Electrode is used to measure Chloride Ion from the fluid.
84000048876Yumizen E-100 Reference ElectrodeEachReference Electrode is used for reference in measurement of different Ions from the fluid.
94000048879Yumizen E-100 Ca++ ElectrodeEachCa++ Electrode is used to measure Ionic Calcium from the fluid.
10 Lithium ElectrodeEachLi+ Electrode is used to measure th Lithium Ions in body fluids.
11 Urine Diluent500 MLUrine Diluent is used as sample diluent for the measurement of Electrolytes in urine samples.
12 Mission Control30 X 1.8 MLMission Controls are Internal Quality Controls used in Yumizen E100 and other Electrolyte Analyzers.


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