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GIANT Evo core module

Full Size NVH Brake Dynamometer

The GIANT Evo NVH is a full-size NVH inertia brake dynamometer for basic and advanced NVH testing. It is used to test a variety of vehicle brakes and assemblies. This includes disc and drum braking systems ranging from small cars to SUVs.

The GIANT Evo NVH offers a range of functions for realistic and fully automated NVH tests and particularly suitable to perform NVH investigations with complete axle structures and suspension strut assemblies. 



Segment: Automobile
Division: Mechatronics
Base product: GIANT Evo

Specially designed for NVH testing

  • Two separate machine frames, one for the NVH testing station and the other for the drive unit to eliminate background vibrations
  • Powertrain with sound absorbing housing
  • Noise insulation of the test station with max. interior noise level of 55dB (A)*
  • Test station design prepared to meet the GM-TIP requirements
  • Machine frames resting on vibration isolation, no vibrational absorption from nearby machines
  • Test chamber for testing at climatic conditions
  • HORIBA clamping angle with standardized hole pattern for easy adaptation of MacPherson corner 
  • Optional features allow for sophisticated NVH investigations
  • Extra options available upon request


*measured according to HORIBA instructions.

Main DriveDC-Drive
Power (without overload)220 kW
Speed Range+/- 0 … 2,200 rpm
Max. Drag Torque (without overload)2,500 Nm
Max. Stop Braking Torque+/- 0 … 5,500 Nm
Flywheels Set20 + 25 + 55 kgm²
Flywheel Combinations20 / 45 / 75 / 100 kgm²
Inertia Simulation Range (incl. Electrical Inertia Simulation)5 … 200 kgm² (valid for max. Rdyn 316mm within velocity range 0-100Kph and deceleration 0…8m/s²)
Max. Hydraulic Pressure200 bar
Max. Pressure Gradient (depends on the test brake)1,000 bar/s
Max. Volume Displacement18 cm³
Climatic Simulation Range-20 … 50°C (optional -40 to 50°C)
Ambient Air Temperature Range5 … 40°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) Including Power and Control Cabinetsapprox. 7,750 x 3,500 x 3,000 mm
Brake Dust Measurement
Brake Dust Measurement
A series of legislative measures has significantly reduced the amount of emissions that is being emitted by internal combustion engines of light and medium-duty vehicles.

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