Fuel Flow Meter



The HORIBA Fuel Flow Meter is comprised of two separate units:

Fuel Flow Measurement Unit (FFMU, Upper Cabinet)

This unit contains the coriolis meter, pump, heat exchanger, and all the necessary hardware and controls. The coriolis meter is the "heart" of the instrument, and the industry standard for fuel flow meters. This meter measures mass, and therefore requires no assumptions about density.

Fuel Temperature Control Unit (FTCU, Lower Cabinet)

This unit includes an electric heater and water chiller for controlling the fuel temperature and a booster pump to guarantee flow rates for the entire specified range of operation.

Controller - One controller (included with the FFMU) operates both units using JAVA software and a graphical user interface styled after the industry standard MEXA range of instruments. 

Optional Laptop - Displays and controls all of the operation and utility functions of the fuel flow meter as well as diagnostic screens and data logging.

Optional Pendant - Hand held pendant is useful for all equipment basic functions and includes buttons for standby, measure, purge, reset, alarm and an e-stop.  A five meter cable is included.



Segment: Automobile
Division: Mechatronics
FFM Specifications 
Limits of Flow Density0-144 liters/hr (0-0.2 to 108 kg/hr) range: +/- 0.05% of point from 4-108 kg/hr
Limits of Uncertainty+/- 0.03% of point at 0.7 g/cm3 from 20 deg C to 60 deg C and pressure of 1 to 2 Bar (101to 202 kPa)
Measuring Range0.2-108 kg/hr
Measuring Frequency10 Hz
Measurement Uncertainty+/- 0.05% of point 0.12%
Density Uncertainty+/- 0.0002% g/cm3
Temperature Control (steady state)1.0 deg C Temperature: 10-80 deg C
Fuel Circulation RateApprox. 250 l/hr (fixed rate dependent on pressure)
Fuel Supply to FFMU Flow Rate: 90 0 225 lph, Pressure: 0.5-5 psig (50 to 501 kPa)
Fuel Supply to EngineFlow Rate: 0-144 lph, Pressure: 0.8-87 psig (6-757 kPa), Temperature: 10-80 deg C
Water Supply to FTCUFlow Rate: 280-880 lph, Pressure: 8-87 psig (6-757 kPa), Temperature: 10-35 deg C
Heating Capacity1.6 kW
Mechanical Data

FFMU: 28.0 in W, 24.0 in H, 12.0 in D (71.2W x 61H x 30.5 cm) Weight:135 pounds (62kg)                            FTCU: 28.0 in W, 24.0 in H, 12.0 in D (71.2W x 61H x 30.5 cm) Weight (FFM): 120 pounds (55 kg),               

Weight (Electrical Enclosure): 35 pounds

PowerElectrical Power Supply: 24 VDC,                Power: 120 VAC, 3 kW max 
Controller InterfaceAK interface from laptop to FFMU 
Analog Output

1-10 VDC

Fuel TypeGasoline, up to 10% alcohol, Diesel 

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