ViewSizer 3000

ViewSizer 3000

The Better Way to Characterize Nanoparticles

The ViewSizer™ 3000 implements breakthrough improvements to particle tracking technology that include proprietary illumination and detection methods allowing cutting-edge visualization, measurement and number concentration of nanoparticles over a wide range of sizes.

As with conventional NTA, the instrument visualizes scattering from individual nanoparticles in suspension. This data is then used to determine particle movement and infer particle size using the Stokes Einstein relationship. Then, by using the known illuminated and imaged sample volume, particle number concentration is readily determined. Thus, from a single measurement, two critical pieces of information are determined: particle size distribution, and particle concentration.

Advanced Optics and Multiple Light Sources

By incorporating three variable light sources (blue, green and red) the instrument is able to select the optimum conditions for any sample analysis, overcoming the limitations of NTA when analysing polydisperse sample and enabling a much larger range of particle sizes to be visualized.

Furthermore, by introducing the sample in easy-to-use (and clean) cuvette, the ViewSizer 3000 is able to repeatedly ‘analyze and stir’, giving a much more reproducible result. And because the sample is viewed in a vertical orientation, it is perfect for visualizing processes such as protein aggregation or crystal dissolution.

So whether you’re using NTA for the analysis of exosomes or other microvesicles or for complex nanoparticle kinetic processes, the ViewSizer 3000 is a breakthrough technology, bringing better analysis to your laboratory.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Fluorescent Particle Analysis
The ViewSizer’s proprietary multispectral illumination and detection enables unique capabilities in the field of fluorescent particle analysis. Now for the first time, customers can enumerate different constituents in the same sample under the same size distribution. The overlapped PSDs seen above show how the ViewSizer can determine the concentration of each of the three constituents and their percentages of the total mixture. Imagine the possibilities – it’s like flow cytometry for nanoparticles.

Particle Kinectic Processes
The ViewSizer 3000’s unique capability to visualize, measure, and count wide-ranging sizes of nano and micron sized particles in the same sample enables unmatched characterization of common particle kinetic processes including: dissolution of active pharmaceutical ingredients, self-assembly of polymers, crystallization of food and pharmaceutical products, aggregation of proteins and particle agglomeration.

In these and other cases, the complete process can be monitored in real-time and important rate constants can be determined. Furthermore, process parameters such as agitation, temperature and concentration can be adjusted during the analysis. Insights from kinetic experiments on the ViewSizer 3000 assist with the identification of ideal process conditions and effective formulations.

Count and Concentration
The ViewSizer software was developed with the user in mind. Data collection can start with just a few clicks of the mouse and the final results are available in a number of formats to accommodate every user. All data can be exported for further analysis or preparation of publication quality graphs. The user interface includes real-time visualization of all particles in the sample - a valuable aspect of each analysis performed on the ViewSizer 3000.

Advanced Software
For process yield and many other applications, it is useful to know particle concentration. Since the illuminated sample volume is known along with the number of particles imaged, particle concentration is readily determined.


  • High resolution particle size distribution and visualization
  • Wide range of particle sizes in the same sample
  • Multiple light sources
  • Perfect for monitoring nanoparticle kinetics

Measurement Range

10 nm to 15 μm

Typical Sample Volume

350 µL to 1.25 mL

Typical Sample Concentration
(Sample dependent)

5 x 106 to 2x108 particles/mL

Sample Temperature Range

10° C to 50° C +/- 0.1° C


55 cm W x 66 cm D x 35 cm H


27 kg

Operational Environment

15° C to 30° C with < 85% RH

Accurate Protein Aggregation Analysis
Accurate Protein Aggregation Analysis
Protein aggregation is an important concern when developing and manufacturing biotherapeutics. It is important to quantify protein aggregation and particle formulation as this data is needed to guide formulation development, evaluate handling requirements, and monitor product quality.
Nanoparticle Analysis
Nanoparticle Analysis
Nanotechnology is extremely diverse, ranging from novel extensions of conventional device physics, to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly and to developing new materials with dimensions on the nanoscale. Materials reduced to the nanoscale can show different properties compared to what they exhibit on a macroscale, enabling unique applications.
Distribution and Concentration of Exosomes
Distribution and Concentration of Exosomes
In this study, we demonstrate the ViewSizer 3000’s capabilities as a next generation NTA based analysis instrument in order to accurately and efficiently measure and characterize exosomes via particle size and concentration.
Characterization of Sub-Visible Particles in Protein Therapeutic Formulations
Characterization of Sub-Visible Particles in Protein Therapeutic Formulations
The ViewSizer™ 3000 enables scientists to visualize and quantify the kinetics of protein aggregation in real-time for biologic therapeutics under a variety of stress conditions.

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