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Dry Process Control

HORIBA has more than 30 years’ experience providing robust and high performance solutions for monitoring and controlling high tech manufacturing processes.

Gas Monitor / Vacuum Monitor

HORIBA have developed one of the smallest mass spectrometer systems. The compact size is achieved by the patented design of miniature array of quadrupole mass filters. The array offers similar or greater sensitivity than conventional mass spectrometers but in a fraction of the volume. The system is capable of operating at much higher pressures than traditional systems, so the need for additional differential pumping equipment is reduced. The RGA can be used as a reliable tool to detect the condition of the vacuum chamber prior to processing; for example to detect moisture in a vacuum chamber.

We also offer an award winning Capacitance Manometer which is compact, all metal and has a self-temperature adjustment function.

HORIBA Vapor Concentration Monitors are reliable and offer high performance using non-dispersive infrared Absorptiometry measurement technique (NDIR).

Plasma Emission Control

HORIBA plasma emission controllers provide excellent plasma control of reactive sputtering processes (PVD).

The fast feedback control of the reactive gas flow in a reactive sputtering process helps enhance product quality and achieve greater productivity. This is achieved by monitoring the plasma generated and the voltage of the power supply in the sputtering process.

HORIBA Plasma Emission Controllers can speed up the deposition process by controlling the transition region and optimize distribution.

Plasma Monitor

Plasma monitors are required during the manufacturing processes when plasma is used.
Plasma monitors are used to monitor plasma emissions during the semiconductor manufacturing process, for example, etching and sputtering.

HORIBA offer two in-situ real time plasma monitors for the plasma process:

  • The Optical Emission Spectroscopy Etching End-point Monitor can accurately and repeatably signal the end-point of plasma etching.
  •  The Real Time Interferometric Process Monitor provides high precision detection of film thickness and trench depth during the etching and coating process as well as the etching and deposition rate.

Endpoint Monitoring


Plasma Monitor

Optical Emission Spectroscopy Etching End-point Monitor EV-140C

Gas Monitor


Vacuum Monitoring


Film Growth Monitoring

Plasma Emission Control


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