Engineering Consultancy and Test

We provides access to comprehensive engineering consultancy and testing, as well as a complete range of chassis, powertrain, e-machine, battery and engine test facilities for light-duty and heavy-duty applications. Our experienced engineers and consultants can provide optimization, integration, and verification at a full vehicle level with increased focus on energy management, resilient control, and operations.

The automotive industry is facing a period of extraordinary change driven by a combination of new competition, disruptive technologies, shifts in consumer sentiment, and tightening legislation. To cope with these changes, it is rationalizing more R&D spending and, in many cases, choosing to partner with, or outsource to, industry experts.

The transition to a low carbon, connected, and automated future will require cost effective development that requires working in conjunction with reliable industry partners.

We have been at the forefront of emissions measurement for 75 years. During that period, it has expanded its capabilities from emissions measurement hardware to include the entire test laboratory and software. Its portfolio has grown, and now supplies development and validation solutions for hybridization, electrification and autonomy while simultaneously accumulating a wide range of application expertise.

We offer access to our expertise and insight through our consultancy services.

We also help the industry address technical and development needs via a comprehensive engineering support system and a vast network of test facilities.

Functional Safety | ISO 26262

Functional Safety (ISO 26262) is an essential part of modern vehicle engineering

We work at the forefront of both functional safety and SOTIF, actively contributing to the development of the corresponding international standards (ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 respectively) as well as leading internal and external research projects in these areas.

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Automotive Testing Services | Germany

Measuring Vehicle Emission on a Chassis Dynamometer

In our Test Centers in Germany we offer automotive testing services, ranging from RDE testing to emissions certification, research & development applications, NVH investigations for brakes and Brake Dust measurement.

Automotive Testing Services | USA

We provide fast, tailored solutions for companies that choose to outsource their testing needs. From basic component tests to advanced hybrid powertrain testing, and a wide array in between.

Automotive Test and Engineering Services | UK

MIRA Facility for Vehicle Development Testing

Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers receive world-class vehicle engineering, test and development consultancy from us. Improving lives by making journeys safer, cleaner and smarter. 

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