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HORIBA has spent the last 75 years providing solutions for the development and refinement of all types of propulsion systems. As in all facets of mobility, the light-duty market is undergoing tremendous change driven by a host of variables like new technologies, changing consumer preferences, and changing regulations. This uncertainty is severely impacting manufacturers and developers as they attempt to bring increasingly complex products to market while controlling development costs and timescales.  

HORIBA is here to help. These uncertain times present a wide range of challenges. It is crucial that today’s investments contribute to both long term efficiency and program benefits. The tools and expertise HORIBA provides its OEM and industry partners is flexible enough to adapt to future needs, while helping front-load development. HORIBA’s simulation-rich technologies, paired with real-world validation, enable parallel development. This allows customers to optimize their development program and maximize the benefit of the information available, thereby reducing program time and cost, and improving certainty.  

With a well-established reputation for supporting the development and certification of ICE based powertrains, HORIBA also offers in-depth expertize in electrified and hybridized vehicle technologies. These systems are complex and introduce development and testing challenges not present in a conventional internal combustion vehicle. They must be properly and safely integrated into a vehicle architecture to take full advantage of their capabilities. Aspects like functional safety, NVH testing, and thermal management must be considered—and in the case of hybrids, this must be done in parallel to internal combustion development and testing.  

HORIBA is focused on providing full solutions to OEMs and tiered suppliers for light-duty vehicle manufacturing and development. It works with all forms of propulsion from internal combustion to the full range of electrified vehicle technologies from pure EVs to hybrids, and including fuel cell. HORIBA is proud to be the long-standing global leader in emissions regulatory compliance with a line of robust analyzers and measurement systems to support the validation and verification of the overall vehicle, its components, and subsystems—including measurement at all exhaust flow levels including zero flow. Test stands for electrified powertrain testing, and battery and fuel cell are available.  

We know that a solution is only as good as the automation system that ties it together to ensure overall laboratory efficiency. Our test and lab automation tools are built on an open and adaptable platform to ensure a safe, efficient, and integrated testing experience.  



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