HORIBA Tocadero extends its on-line TOC analyzer with POC/VOC determination in direct method

• Tocadero ONE now determines the POC/VOC content in water in a single measurement using a photoionization detector

• Faster and more accurate results as well as higher safety thanks to determination of the TOC content using the additional method


 HORIBA Tocadero, a leader in advanced water analysis for industrial and environmental applications, is adding another detector to the functionality of its Tocadero ONE on-line TOC analyzer. The analyzer now also supports direct Volatile Organic Carbon (POC/VOC) analysis. This means that the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) content can be determined faster and with greater accuracy in environmental monitoring and the monitoring of industrial plants. The extended functionality of the Analyzer platform is particularly interesting for TOC analysis in the cooling water of industrial processes. At the outlet of closed cooling water circuits, POCs/VOCs can be released into the environment if there are leaks in the process. The Tocadero ONE is thus suitable for process monitoring in a wide range of industries and meets the legal requirements for determining the POC/VOC content in water using a direct method.

Faster, more accurate determination for safer process monitoring

Until now, the determination of the POC/VOC content was often only possible indirectly through the TOC differential method. With the new direct POC/VOC functionality, the Tocadero ONE determines the POC/VOC content in a single measurement using a photoionization detector (< 10.6 eV) (PID) in the gas stream.

In this process, the integrated humidity and temperature sensor measures the physical ambient data in addition to the sensor signal and compensates for their influence on the measurement result. Furthermore, the built-in pressure sensor measures the pressure drop across the measuring chamber and thus ensures reliable results.

If non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) is measured simultaneously, the TOC content can also be determined directly using the additional method. This results in a significant increase in accuracy in comparison to other methods, which can be determined in shorter measurement intervals.

Leaks in the water-bearing systems thus can be detected quicker, resulting in increased safety for the environment. Companies can also comply with the legal requirement to determine the POC/VOC content with a direct method.

The Tocadero ONE is suitable for ultrapure water in the ppb range, up to wastewater or brine and can be individually adapted to specific measuring requirements. The TOC is determined according to DIN EN 1484.

Easy upgrade, low maintenance and attractive cost of ownership

The unique hardware and software platform architecture of the Tocadero ONE makes the upgrade fast and easy even for existing systems. Thanks to the highly stable hollow cathode lamp, the stability of the measurement is improved and a longer service life of up to over 15,000 hours is achieved. The resulting low maintenance requirements and the overall simple integration of the Tocadero ONE result in low operating costs.

Technical details

The values given were determined under standardized conditions with a 10.6 eV lamp.  The standard substance used was an aqueous toluene solution.

Detection principle

VUV-Photoionization with 10.6 eV hollow cathode lamp with Ceramic Discharge Channel technology and integrated high voltage supply

Detection range

0 – 25 ppm validated and tested with Tocadero-ONE (higher values possible under certain circumstances)

Operating conditions

2 – 40°C

< 85%, non-condensing

Lamp lifetime

Min. 8,000 h, typical more than 15,000 h

Influence of humidity and temperature

compensated between 0 ... 40 °C and 0 … 85 % rH


On-Line Water Analysis with the Tocadero ONE

The Tocadero ONE analyzer platform combines sophisticated water analysis with the highest requirements for accuracy and reliability. It has applications in many different areas where the analysis of organic and inorganic carbons is required. In the influent and effluent of wastewater treatment plants, it monitors non-volatile organic carbon content for treatment process control; in environmental monitoring, it prevents excessive loads from entering surface waters; and in industrial plants, it analyzes cooling, heating and wastewater streams. Thanks to user-friendly software, exact status monitoring using the latest sensor technology, a variety of communication interfaces and a status cockpit with predictive maintenance, as well as state-of-the-art components for reduced space and energy requirements, the analysis platform already meets tomorrow's requirements today.

For more information on Tocadero ONE, visit here.

Tocadero ONE online TOC Analyzer with POC/VOC-detection.