Real-Time Gas Measurement in Fuel Cells for Household and Commercial Use

Household and commercial fuel cells, known as ENE-FARM, convert city gas and other gases into hydrogen gas to generate electricity and heat. In this process, gas measurement is performed in each process including desulfurization, reformer, and exhaust gas. 
HORIBA's real-time measurement technology is used in the R&D and production processes of fuel cells.


  • Need to confirm the performance of desulfurization and carbon monoxide (CO) removal in the process of producing hydrogen from city gas in real time.
  • Real-time  measurement of exhaust gas from fuel cells.
  • Need to confirm in the study of PEFC stack deterioration from carbon monoxide (CO) toxicity by measuring the exhaust gas in real time.
  • Need to contribute to CO₂ reduction by measuring CO₂ in the exhaust gas of fuel cells.

Examples Solution for Real-Time Measurement

  • PEFC
  • SOFC

PEFC: Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
SOFC: Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 

Case Study

  • Fuel cell manufacturers for residential and commercial use
  • Fuel cell evaluation and research organizations
  • Research and development of fuel processor
  • Process in various type of fuel cells including PEFC and SOFC

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