Fuel Flow Meter FQ-2200CR

The FQ-2200CR Fuel Consumption Measurement System allows measuring fuel mass flow rate continuously in the range of 0.2 kg/h to 108 kg/h with high precision.
The FQ-2200CR can be applied to any engine and vehicle test stand used for R&D, quality management, and production; and is an important tool for the development of internal combustion engines.


Segment: Automotive
Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH


  • High precision over the measuring range
  • Diesel and gasoline, alcohol-based fuels up to 100%
  • Integration into test automation system
  • Data communication with 10 Hz
  • User-friendly touch panel
  • Easy setting of fuel pressure and temperature


Control Unit

 Easy operation with a touch panel 

A control unit with an operator touch panel directly integrated into the system ensures handling of the FQ-2200CR.This unit gives a quick and easy system overview and reports the current measurement data and parameter settings.A remote control option via various standard interfaces makes integration into test automation systems possible.


● Overview


● Measurement


● Temperature control


Measuring Unit

  • Using Coriolis meter, it realizes simultaneous monitoring of mass flow in a wide range of 0.2 kg/h to 108 kg/h with fuel density.


Fuel Conditioning Unit

  • Integrated pumps and temperature control systems ensure a constant temperature level for measuring and for the engine fuel circuit.
  • An optional pressure control modules enable the operator to adjust fuel supply pressure and return pressure.
  • An optional heating module makes fuel temperature control possible: 5ºC to 40ºC higher than utility cooling water.


User-Friendly Functionality

  • Easy fuel changing function is available with quick operation from the control touch panel.
  • A venting module provides purging function for removing air bubbles in fuel and ensures accurate measurement results.



Product overview


Measuring range
Density measuring range
0.2 kg/h~108 kg/h
0.6 g/cm3~1.0 g/cm3
Fuel temperature control range
with optional heating module
+5ºC to +40ºC of utility cooling water temperature
(upper limit: 60ºC as fuel temperature)
Temperature control stability (in a stable state)0.05ºC
Fuel outlet pressure control range30 kPa to 500 kPa
Fuel return pressure control range-50 kPa to 200 kPa
Fuel circulation rate360 L/h as maximum
Usable fuelDiesel and gasoline, alcohol-based fuels up to 100%
Dimensions and weight1150(W)×360(D)×1320(H) mm;Approx. 200 kg

* FQ-2200CR is not an explosion-proof structure.

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