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EasyCell® assistant - Cell Image Analysis for the Hematology Laboratory

 Product Description

  • Carousel with 30 slides positions
  • Single slide STAT capability
  • Anti vibration foot
  • User friendly software
  • Standard stains including Wright, Wright-Giemsa, May-Grünwald-Giemsa


  • EasyCell remote software
  • Additional carousel


EasyCell Video (Click here)



Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Manufacturing Company: MEDICA - EasyCell ® assistant is a trademark registered by Medica Corporation (USA)
Base product: Peri Analytical

Automatic differential pre-classification

Accurate performance

Complete report with cell images and comments

Connection with ABX Pentra ML



68 kg / 150 lbs


(Breadth x Height x Depth)

61 cm W x 61 cm H x 55 cm D

24" W x 24" H x 21.5" D

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