Mask Etching

The etching step is a critical step in the development and manufacturing of semiconductor devices. To minimize tool-to-toolwafer-to-wafer variation and process drifts effects, HORIBA offers a wide range of smart sensors to improve the tool throughput.

Leading semiconductor tool manufacturer and device makers use them for R&D and Production lines. Our sensors can be used simultaneously on not only one chamber to control different processes but also be integrated in a multi-chamber cluster.

Key Benefits

  • Robust Endpoint detection at an interface  for open area higher than 1%
  • Nanometer accuracy for  shallow and deep trench depth control
  • Easy integration in the process chamber
  • Multi-sensor and Multi-chamber capabilities


Mass Flow Controller with an all metal structure for the gas contact part for controlling the process gas of mask etching. High resistence to corrosive gases and digital communication control are implemented.

End Point Detection

Gas Monitor

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